Specialist Book Repair and Book Restoration Services

Book Repair and Restoration

Professional services to collectors, book dealers, institutions, and those with a treasured book, album, or Bible in need of repair or conservation work.


I have the experience, knowledge, and skills to be able to complete the repair and restoration of your books with confidence and attention.


I will investigate your books, consult with you as to possible and beneficial steps (or restraint) and provide you with an estimate of cost for the work to be done.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in mind.

You can send me a message of inquiry, on my contact page.


Read more detailed descriptions of some of my book restoration projects below.

Bookbinding is a craft that turns into art!

17th-century book restoration


The book was sewn on four cords, wood boards

repaired, one color endbands, leather repaired, 

brass clasps.

Form Of Prayers "SEIXAS NATHAN" book restoration

(19th-century book)


The spine was repaired and tooled in the style

of the original.

19th-century book restoration


The spine was restored

Leather book restoration


The spine was repaired and tooled in the style

of the original and brass clasps.